Sunday, August 17, 2014

Franklin Roosevelt

Roose  passed away silently just a few hours after he left him in his bedroom. He still feels his presence in that room. The last call. The last kiss.

Roose was not like other cats. He was loving, loyal, and a part of the family. I still remember the day i gifted Roose to him. It was our first meeting (for all three of us). Roose was too small, struggling to jump out of our hands. My idea of gifting him a kitten was just the right thing for our first meeting. Because nothing else would have bonded us in our relationship which would never be forgotten. Long back in our initial conversations, he once asked me about what i would gift him when we meet first. I knew he liked cats a lot. He used to talk about his old cat, Nicholas who got killed in an accident. He was very fond of it too. And i  said i’m goint to give you a kitten. I didn't really mean it though. Nor did he take it seriously. May be we didn't  think that we would really meet up. But we did. And i wanted that to be all the more special.

He loved Roose. May be more than he loves me. They got along so well. He grew up Roose as if he was his son. Roose too was as caring. They played, talked and slept together. His dad and mom too loved playing with Roose. His gestures and plays still remains in their minds. He feared that like Nicholas, Roose would also get hurt if he goes out into the roads. So he kept him inside with a bedroom of his own. Roose would be let out to play often but not alone. Other stray cats would have been jealous of him.

Roose was so handsome. He was not a good breed. But still was so good to see. His innocent face, bushy hair and cuteness. He was irresistible.

Our Roose is no more now. He died of bladder stone complication. No one had enough of playing with him. He was too young to go. We only wanted him more and more. But he was gone. We miss you Roose.