Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Being human

Relationships start with dad & mom. I had a brother too in the package. What exactly did a feel at day 1? Did I have any sense at all? Did I know this man and women created me? Did I know my brother was my only single full-sib I had? Did I like them? Did they like me? All babies are sweet. I might have been too. Lol.

We meet a lot of people in our lives. Some stay with us a long way. Some leave us in between. And many stay as strangers yet to be met. And one such stranger you meet might become your friend, your best friend, someone between a friend n a lover, someone more closer, your lover, and eventually he/she be a part of you. This may not be how it works for all. Anyway, so when you become that you, you make more copies of 'the you' and thats how it goes on right?

The people who share everything thats bad in you become your friends, the VIPs of your life.Lol. Its important to hold on tight to them. They mould you in many ways. 

The way you meet a person, talk to them, befriend them, or even letting them at a distance is all part of your character. In whichever manner you do that, isn't it important to give that person the space they deserve, the respect they deserve?

Everyone might have gone through at least any of these relationships. Even if not, does that mean you lose your humanity to animality or even less sensible?  Has killing, fighting, rape n all become a part of our humanity?

I doubt...