Monday, October 25, 2010


Phewww… finally I have started my college life. No more sleepy boring days ahead. Its been two weeks at Thrissur now. And I am loving this place. Thrissur is nothing like Trivandrum. I mean, no where else would make me feel as good as my hometown. But, Thrissur feels special to me. Particularly, my college…COVAS…may be, the oldest college in Kerala…yet one of the most prestigious veterinary colleges in India... “College Of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy, Thrissur”
About 300acres of Mannuthy belongs to our college. Hmmm…vast, isn’t it? The unwalled college on the first look itself is so imposing with the greenery n the soothing mood of the place. I cannot wait to walk around the whole place on those shadowed roads, with rows of trees heading the way. It’s soooo beautiful……

My hostel which is just inside the campus giving us a 10 minute walk to the college n back everyday reminds me of my school…I mean, the view from the courtyard, especially at night[“The rising moon … winding like a silver thread until it was lost in the stars” —by, not me!!]. At night, I take chances on my phone calls to walk inside the courtyard grounds over the grasses enjoying the moonlight above [thanks to the low network inside our rooms…:P] …all until I catch the sight of my seniors from above floors.  Anywise, the round beauty above make my conversations sweeter [oops…not sweeter as in like I’m in love...nO No nO No nO :P]…not to mention, anyone in love would go *_*!!! ;-)
One thing that I was reallllllllllly worried about before coming here was my sleep. Sleep…sleep…sleep…and again sleep…was my previous daily routine. But, with a shocking report of going to bed a lil’ before 10 and waking up a lil’ after 6, I’m happy with myself [I know…8 hours is still more than enough….at least…it not 10!!! Hehe]. And thanks to Sreeja, my room-mate, the only one who wakes up at 4am [:P] and keeps all our buckets in queue in front of the bathroom[yes..we have one such queue.. “The bucket queue”]. Because, if not for her, by the time I wake up, my bucket would be nearing the hostel gate :D.
Now, I need to survive here for the coming 5 n a half years. And my room-mates need to be my all time companions. Having had three phenomenal experiences of hostel life within a period of just 8 months, I was quite worried about this. But, I think I’m lucky enough for a good 4…razia…saranya…sreeja…and kunju…hehe…all are fake names... :P With a single exception of sreeja [never found her out of the books :D], my roomies rock!! \m/. The next door mates….double rock \m/!!! And…ahem ahem…Did I mention…I am one of the hostel treasurers…$_$.
About the studies…we have 6 subjects...nutrition, physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, livestock production management & biostatistics. Except nutrition [:/], all the classes are very interesting particularly the practicals :D. Will be updating about the classes more in detail in the coming posts! Because, we haven’t started visiting any of the farms till now. Except for the horses in the NCC camp in front of the ladies hostel, I haven’t seen any major animals here
And now, there is a couple of things I’m looking forward to ….first of all…the ‘Seniors’. The college seems totally empty now without them. The seniors had got exams and now they have all gone home. Next, the freshers’ day. It will be conducted as soon as the seniors come back.
Hoping that after the above two, we would be allowed ‘freedom of movement’ in and out of the college *sigh* . That’s all for now…;-)

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Mr.Anu said...'z very nice Anu... ;)

keep writing...n hope u'll ryt intr'in hostel experiancezzz soon..:P

RESHMA said...

thx anu...:)

hostel experiences...'course ;-)

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

hahaha.. awesome xD

RESHMA said...

@♥ Chocolate lover ♥

shemil said...

Hai Resh...

Nice... The way u talk is good ...

RESHMA said...

@shemil : thx :)

keep reading!!

sivaranjini said...

the bucket queue?? that's all?? in our previous hostel there was a phone q an extra-pappadam q n a getting-scoldings-from-sister=queue.. now beat that !! :) anyway lovely post

RESHMA said...

@shivi: hehe...i know...

n thx..

Ooty Resort said...

Collge life is awesome

Reshma said...

yeah.. it is :)

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