Thursday, August 5, 2010

Art of living…let’s move together…

Art of living…let’s move together…
Spending more than a week doing nothing got me frustrated. I had very busy mornings though…sleeping! Waking up late in the morning at the sound of my bedroom door being slammed off by my dad [not to mention, no one in my house have not yet bothered to read the sign board at my door “SLAM MY DOOR OFF ….AND YOUR BEDROOM IS MINE!!] I spend the major part of my days with my pc, my cell phone and again sleeping [sleeping without dreamz is even more frustrating]
Talking about my cell...I changed my number [too much of unwanted contacts in my old one] and my new number is presently known to only 5 of my friends [I was too lazy to send it to the rest]. Lallu n kukku…both are my only daily contact of all my friends. Me n Lallu, being ‘soul mates’ in having nothing to do at the moment was trying to figure out how to kill the time away. That’s when she came up with the idea of ‘Art of Living’. Hehe…art of living...n me? Mmm… didn’t pretty much like the idea in the beginning especially when my parents stared at me for one whole day and laughed their heads off for the next few when I asked them if I could go [hm!].
Art of living is a stress management and meditation programme founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar running in 151 countries.
I decided to go. Lallu too was in the course, though we went to different centers. It was just a 5day course taking two and a half hours a day from evening 6 to 8.30. A remarkable 5days……. It was absolute fun! Making 19 new friends was the best part of it. I being the youngest of all was the baby in the house [not a new thing for me as not many do treat me bigger than a 10year old]
Our first task was to make friends with each other. It was very interesting to meet new people, talking to them and greeting them by saying “let’s move together!” Each day, we start on with some stretching exercises some of which were very exciting and funny like the ‘cradling the twin’ stretch, monkey dance and superman stretch [lolz]. This was followed by pranayam, sudharshanakriya [purifying the mind and soul] and meditations. In between we had discussions on our daily home works given to us by our tutor, Mrs.Deepa. After the class [on phone], I and Lallu had a great time discussing our answers to those homework questions [lolz]…like…who are you? What are you? And where are you? Deepa ma’am was amazingly patient in hearing everyone’s answers. She was a very calm and a jovial person. Her explanations were entirely worth listening. Before leaving, we used to share some “veg” snacks with everyone and say goodbyes with the closing note “jai gurudev!
The last day of the programme was the most exciting one. It went on for a whole day with more members from different batches. More interesting stretches and games made the day all the more fabulous! We sang, danced and did all sorts of crazy things. The group lunch was the best part of it. At the end of the day, all were quite sad to say goodbye and leave our new friends. Before leaving we exchanged gifts with each other. I got a phone diary….from…someone… one knows from whom they got the gift. We played a game exchanging the gifts again and again and again and again. So whose gift went to who was somewhat unknown? We started the course by greeting “let’s move together” and we said goodbyes with “I belong to you”.
The only thing about the programme that I was not much happy with, was when they asked us to turn veg [sigh] VEG????? It was almost heartbreaking…. to resist the smell of fried fishes from my kitchen [which was unquestionably tempting]. And it turned more heartbreaking when they at the last day of the course put on a compulsary task of doing sudarshanakriya for 41 days which demanded 41 more veg days[:(].
But knowing the effect of sudarshanakriya, turning veg for 41 days [at least ;)] is no big deal. :)
Jai gurudev!


Mr.Anu said... one.... :)keep it up...!

RESHMA said...

thx anu! :)

Mr.Anu said...

da...i read diz post 3 times... !

excelent da.... :)

gud wrighting...skill...;) keep it up...

RESHMA said...

thx a lot dear!

keep reading!!!!!!! :)

Aparna Radhakrishnan said...

Hi Reshma,

Sorry I didn't find your blog earlier...but just realised both of us seem to write like we talk...with loads of "..."

Art of Living course was fun...I remember we went to it in the college...Being a vegetarian was not difficult for I am have always been one but not having coffee in the morning was extremely tough! Sudharshanakriya is really good...but I have forgotten most of it...I think I should take the course again.

PS. Thanks for the wishes...

psreshma said...

thx aparna :)

yeah..if you are really interested...go for the course's really worth it! :)

keep reading!!!!!!!

n keep writing...i like ur blog very much.... :)

raji said...

hi ,reshma,
i too heard a lot about the course ,wanted to go many times whenever i had mood swings.. and always forgot once my mood waas back to normal:).i know the last day would have been fun dancing..i even heard from my mom in law that they advise you to forget yourself and just dance ,without even carin g for what the other person has to say...

RESHMA said...

thx raji for reading...:)
not only the last day...the whole course was totally fun..:D

keep reading!!

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