Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love is all you need....

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..dedicated to all my friends..
......especially to my best friend, Maithili...all the best dear...luv you!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I know where they have put my limits

I am not writing this because I just turned 18 this year. And I don’t have the slightest idea of being able to do everything on my own the way I like. But this has been going on in my mind for quite a long time. First of all, I have no idea how to start. I’m writing this because of a very close friend of mine and I don’t wanna mention her name because this post may annoy her parents, not against me but against her. And I don’t want to receive a phone call neither from her nor her parents asking me to delete this post ‘which is never gonna happen’.
I met her last year. She was my classmate for a year and we were room-mates for a couple of weeks and now she has become one of my best friends. Mostly, she’s cheerful though sometimes tearful. I like her for her sweet nature n jolly mind. Not just I, anyone who has met her and talked to her would definitely like her. She was quite famous at our institution.
My cell phone’s call log shows her name many times a day. My parents had asked me this a hundred times “why is this girl calling you this often...What are you girls up to, huh??[lol]” No wonder…anyone would have asked that. But I like getting her calls. She has so much of kidding in her. Not to mention, she has got me into trouble many times with her “kidding”.
I remember receiving a couple of calls from her lately telling me how miserable and sad she was. Being one who has never even got out of her house…on her own…ever in her life…has made it all the worse. Her parents wouldn’t let her do or decide anything on her own…anything at all. And neither was she pampered a lot as the reason may seem to be. As I mentioned earlier, she is a very jolly and fun-loving person. But she is not allowed to have so much fun as she likes. So much of restrictions on everything!
As far as I have noticed, a drop of trust is all she needs. I needn’t mention, but, she loves her parents a lot and so does they. The only thing is that they prioritize on her safety way too much. And this sometimes provokes her to cross her limits. Until now, I feel that what her parents had been doing was the best they could do as parents. But now, it’s high time that they give a lose hold on her.
She is not a girl who keeps quiet and just listens to her parents. She does react but that annoys her parents all the more. In a way she is very much different from any other girl or any other daughter [which sometimes gets her on my nerves]. She tells her parents everything...I mean, EVERYTHING...that’s going on in her mind. And apparently, that sure is the reason why they don’t trust her. As far as I am concerned, those are too much of information that she is giving her parents about her. I mean, for example, I never go and tell my parents the details of any of my conversations with my friends.
As for me, those things are completely private. They needn’t know those stuff…at least...not all. Because, parents may be the last group of people who would understand those things and take it in the same sense as us. I think, my parents know enough about me and have put enough restrictions and given enough freedom, all the…and here after. I’m happy with it…they too. And I know where they have put my limits.