Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The First Post this is my very first post to my very first blog and I am wondering what to do next.
My name is Reshma aka Anu, 18 year old settled at Trivandrum doing....nothing...i mean right now i'm waiting for my entrance results to come...
I have read quite a few blogs n got interested in it somehow and decided to start blogging on my own. But i still don't have any idea of what to write. I hope i'll be able to overcome this starting troubling with my for coming posts. Anywise, i am not going to quit this without giving a hard try..


Unknown!!! said...

hey sis,
I do this reading of first post of every new blogger I you motto..yes never quit without giving it a tough fight..nothing is impossible..

now i understand u r a kid.. thanks for calling me bro and not uncle:P

RESHMA said...

hehe thx...

"now i understand u r a kid.. thanks for calling me bro and not uncle:P"

hehe...lets go for a deal....dont say im a kid...n i wont call u uncle :P

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