Monday, May 31, 2010

Mummy n me!

It’s been quite a while that I have gone through my blog. It’s not because I lost my interest in blogging. Frankly speaking I had nothing to write. After the exams, I was reeeaaalllyy enjoying my freedom…watching TV, going out with parentz and “not with friendz” [I am not allowed to until June 6], orkuting, tweeting [though I’m not a regular tweep], blogging, and of ‘course sleeping [my favorite pass time]. But as for now, I’m bored...bored of everything.
And now, cold and fever is tracking me down. I catch cold twice a month. Ohh god...when will I ever get rid of it. I wish my body was permanently disinfected from the virus. I am a regular patient for my doctor, Dr.Rajesh Kumar [Hom]. I have been seeing him from the past 6-7 years…n guess what…for the same disease...cold n fever! The moment he sees me at the door of his clinic, he keeps the medicine ready. No serious consultation is needed. He knows the process by-heart. ‘Guess it’s the same routine for all. As for me, it’s Day 1 – sour throat, Day 2 – running nose and watery eyes, Day 3 – fever, Day 4 – cold n fever come down and headache follows. And with day 5, I start coughing which persists almost until the next fever.
But, one thing that I cannot stand to when I’m sick more than the sour throat and running nose is my mother’s Reiki treatment. I should say…she is an unprofessional reiki practitioner[not an official practitioner!]. I mean she doesn’t have a detailed knowledge about it. She started doing it after she read a book on it. I personally have never felt any effect from her treatment though some of our relatives and her friends have felt better with it when they have a headache or any other type of disease. It does work for any disease. I don’t disrespect her treatment but I just hate it when she adds some “god-stuff” into it. I am not exactly an irreligious person but I do agree that there is a silent agnostic in me. I know how much she loves me and care for me but I just cannot accept her views. Not that I don’t respect my mother’s belief but I respect mine more.
My mother is a highly imaginative and hiiiiiiiiiighly superstitious person. I guess, she would have had a huge bank balance if she was not one. I do believe in a supreme power but I cannot imagine that supreme power to just 'pop-out' of an idol when we pray and do wonders. And that’s what my mom thinks. I love going to temple with her but not to any other place for any manthravadham [sorcery]. But, I cannot blame her anywise. She has reasons to pray and reasons to imagine that wonders might happen in her life…I mean our life one day. I just wish that if there really is a god existing in this universe...let he/she hear her prayers…because…I don’t want my mother to get disappointed.


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