Saturday, May 22, 2010


Vidhu[..again]...I had known her only for about 3 weeks. And yet she remains a haunting character in my mind. She has influenced me so much. She being a classic village girl was innocent and damn funny. Funny in the sense…she doesn’t know how funny she is…and she doesn’t understand it as well...u know…she always used to shout at me because whenever she speak to me, I start laughing and she’ll be like..why the bloody hell are you laughing…and I wouldn’t be able to explain one would have been able to explain it…..She opens her mouth and we all start laughing….and we just DON”T KNOW WHY..SOMETHING’S FUNNY…

But we all had pity on her on one thing. She was not able to perform well in the tests. She doesn’t have the caliber. But her desire or passion to get into AFMC (Armed Forces Medical College)…. was just incredible. She is the most hardworking girl I have ever met. The only sad thing was that she was still last in the rank list. She was disappointed and cried. Neither of us knew how to consol her.

My best friend once told me, “When it comes to studies, you have to be selfish dear”. Though I cannot go with that ‘word’ very well, I too feel that it’s true. Being selfish doesn’t mean that anyone else around is hurt. That’s one thing that I saw in Vidhu.

Though her hard work didn’t pay off well, her passion did. She was called for special test to fill the seats on reservation basis, and now she is a 2nd year MBBS student.

For my part, I feel that when you enjoy being self-centered and you win, then thereafter anyone else’s’ feelings will never become a matter of concern for you. Now, I don’t know how to end this post..did i go out of the subject somewhere??? Anywise, being selfish for it good or bad?? I still don’t get it…………

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maithili said...

truee dear........

RESHMA said...


Parvathi said...

hey listen,its never about feeling selfish.its just this misconception we've had from our school days.Never be selfish!Let people "advice" u,n "councel" you with whatever stuff they want to.But u remain steadfast to the idea that selfishness kills.take it frm me year into college and I already know where and all I failed in life and what my mistakes were.Always be broad minded and helpful.coz even if u don't achieve what u wanted to immediately, u'll definitely achieve it over the time n will always be remembered as a great human.Never forget, humanity comes first.success second.

RESHMA said...



i have nothing else to say dear

luv you!

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