Monday, May 31, 2010

Mummy n me!

It’s been quite a while that I have gone through my blog. It’s not because I lost my interest in blogging. Frankly speaking I had nothing to write. After the exams, I was reeeaaalllyy enjoying my freedom…watching TV, going out with parentz and “not with friendz” [I am not allowed to until June 6], orkuting, tweeting [though I’m not a regular tweep], blogging, and of ‘course sleeping [my favorite pass time]. But as for now, I’m bored...bored of everything.
And now, cold and fever is tracking me down. I catch cold twice a month. Ohh god...when will I ever get rid of it. I wish my body was permanently disinfected from the virus. I am a regular patient for my doctor, Dr.Rajesh Kumar [Hom]. I have been seeing him from the past 6-7 years…n guess what…for the same disease...cold n fever! The moment he sees me at the door of his clinic, he keeps the medicine ready. No serious consultation is needed. He knows the process by-heart. ‘Guess it’s the same routine for all. As for me, it’s Day 1 – sour throat, Day 2 – running nose and watery eyes, Day 3 – fever, Day 4 – cold n fever come down and headache follows. And with day 5, I start coughing which persists almost until the next fever.
But, one thing that I cannot stand to when I’m sick more than the sour throat and running nose is my mother’s Reiki treatment. I should say…she is an unprofessional reiki practitioner[not an official practitioner!]. I mean she doesn’t have a detailed knowledge about it. She started doing it after she read a book on it. I personally have never felt any effect from her treatment though some of our relatives and her friends have felt better with it when they have a headache or any other type of disease. It does work for any disease. I don’t disrespect her treatment but I just hate it when she adds some “god-stuff” into it. I am not exactly an irreligious person but I do agree that there is a silent agnostic in me. I know how much she loves me and care for me but I just cannot accept her views. Not that I don’t respect my mother’s belief but I respect mine more.
My mother is a highly imaginative and hiiiiiiiiiighly superstitious person. I guess, she would have had a huge bank balance if she was not one. I do believe in a supreme power but I cannot imagine that supreme power to just 'pop-out' of an idol when we pray and do wonders. And that’s what my mom thinks. I love going to temple with her but not to any other place for any manthravadham [sorcery]. But, I cannot blame her anywise. She has reasons to pray and reasons to imagine that wonders might happen in her life…I mean our life one day. I just wish that if there really is a god existing in this universe...let he/she hear her prayers…because…I don’t want my mother to get disappointed.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Vidhu[..again]...I had known her only for about 3 weeks. And yet she remains a haunting character in my mind. She has influenced me so much. She being a classic village girl was innocent and damn funny. Funny in the sense…she doesn’t know how funny she is…and she doesn’t understand it as well...u know…she always used to shout at me because whenever she speak to me, I start laughing and she’ll be like..why the bloody hell are you laughing…and I wouldn’t be able to explain one would have been able to explain it…..She opens her mouth and we all start laughing….and we just DON”T KNOW WHY..SOMETHING’S FUNNY…

But we all had pity on her on one thing. She was not able to perform well in the tests. She doesn’t have the caliber. But her desire or passion to get into AFMC (Armed Forces Medical College)…. was just incredible. She is the most hardworking girl I have ever met. The only sad thing was that she was still last in the rank list. She was disappointed and cried. Neither of us knew how to consol her.

My best friend once told me, “When it comes to studies, you have to be selfish dear”. Though I cannot go with that ‘word’ very well, I too feel that it’s true. Being selfish doesn’t mean that anyone else around is hurt. That’s one thing that I saw in Vidhu.

Though her hard work didn’t pay off well, her passion did. She was called for special test to fill the seats on reservation basis, and now she is a 2nd year MBBS student.

For my part, I feel that when you enjoy being self-centered and you win, then thereafter anyone else’s’ feelings will never become a matter of concern for you. Now, I don’t know how to end this post..did i go out of the subject somewhere??? Anywise, being selfish for it good or bad?? I still don’t get it…………

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Friday, May 21, 2010

I Was Critically ‘Agoraphobic’

Most of my friends laughed at me when I told them that I was going to Pala. I wasn’t surprised [They do that all the time!!!!!!!] neither was I hurt because I too was live alone..away from my dear ones...because I have never been to any place alone before. To school or for tuitions, someone would be there to drop me. During my XIth & XIIth classes, everyday, after extra classes, I would be searching for a company to go home. There is one of my cousins, whom I have always admired, for her courage. It was just last week that she went to Delhi for an interview and came back… alone. I don’t think I’ll be able to do that any time! And another one is my sweet friend, Sruthi, who is just a clone of Vidya chechi in this matter. But when it comes to Sruthi, I always get worried. Just let her out in the morning, she will walk around the whole of Trivandrum and will be backing home before evening.
I had always felt this fear of travelling alone [agoraphobia]. I very well know that no one’s going to eat me alive on my way, but still there was something that pulls me back. May be this has occurred to me because of two of my childhood experiences. It happened when I was studying at Holy Angels’ school in LKG. My parents had arranged a van to take me to the school. There were a lot of other students in the van from many other schools. One day, when it reached some other school, my van uncle told everyone to get down. I too got down with everyone. I didn’t know that school or the place. Some chechis who noticed me differently uniformed took me to their Principal. They took my school diary from my bag and tried calling my father to his office. But he was not there. Instead Prasad uncle, my dad’s best friend and colleague came and took me to the office. The same incident happened again and this time he didn’t drop me at any school but on the road side. I can never forget those experiences.
And another reason was my mom. When I was small, we had a lot of snakes around our place. Because of that fear she wouldn’t let me and my bro go out to play.
But life at Pala has taught me this lesson – ‘you are always alone. There is no one to guide you other than yourself’. Now I’m quite OK with travelling alone. As Sruthi used to say, it’s fun travelling alone... isn't it?????

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The First Post this is my very first post to my very first blog and I am wondering what to do next.
My name is Reshma aka Anu, 18 year old settled at Trivandrum doing....nothing...i mean right now i'm waiting for my entrance results to come...
I have read quite a few blogs n got interested in it somehow and decided to start blogging on my own. But i still don't have any idea of what to write. I hope i'll be able to overcome this starting troubling with my for coming posts. Anywise, i am not going to quit this without giving a hard try..