Monday, October 25, 2010


Phewww… finally I have started my college life. No more sleepy boring days ahead. Its been two weeks at Thrissur now. And I am loving this place. Thrissur is nothing like Trivandrum. I mean, no where else would make me feel as good as my hometown. But, Thrissur feels special to me. Particularly, my college…COVAS…may be, the oldest college in Kerala…yet one of the most prestigious veterinary colleges in India... “College Of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Mannuthy, Thrissur”
About 300acres of Mannuthy belongs to our college. Hmmm…vast, isn’t it? The unwalled college on the first look itself is so imposing with the greenery n the soothing mood of the place. I cannot wait to walk around the whole place on those shadowed roads, with rows of trees heading the way. It’s soooo beautiful……

My hostel which is just inside the campus giving us a 10 minute walk to the college n back everyday reminds me of my school…I mean, the view from the courtyard, especially at night[“The rising moon … winding like a silver thread until it was lost in the stars” —by, not me!!]. At night, I take chances on my phone calls to walk inside the courtyard grounds over the grasses enjoying the moonlight above [thanks to the low network inside our rooms…:P] …all until I catch the sight of my seniors from above floors.  Anywise, the round beauty above make my conversations sweeter [oops…not sweeter as in like I’m in love...nO No nO No nO :P]…not to mention, anyone in love would go *_*!!! ;-)
One thing that I was reallllllllllly worried about before coming here was my sleep. Sleep…sleep…sleep…and again sleep…was my previous daily routine. But, with a shocking report of going to bed a lil’ before 10 and waking up a lil’ after 6, I’m happy with myself [I know…8 hours is still more than enough….at least…it not 10!!! Hehe]. And thanks to Sreeja, my room-mate, the only one who wakes up at 4am [:P] and keeps all our buckets in queue in front of the bathroom[yes..we have one such queue.. “The bucket queue”]. Because, if not for her, by the time I wake up, my bucket would be nearing the hostel gate :D.
Now, I need to survive here for the coming 5 n a half years. And my room-mates need to be my all time companions. Having had three phenomenal experiences of hostel life within a period of just 8 months, I was quite worried about this. But, I think I’m lucky enough for a good 4…razia…saranya…sreeja…and kunju…hehe…all are fake names... :P With a single exception of sreeja [never found her out of the books :D], my roomies rock!! \m/. The next door mates….double rock \m/!!! And…ahem ahem…Did I mention…I am one of the hostel treasurers…$_$.
About the studies…we have 6 subjects...nutrition, physiology, anatomy, biochemistry, livestock production management & biostatistics. Except nutrition [:/], all the classes are very interesting particularly the practicals :D. Will be updating about the classes more in detail in the coming posts! Because, we haven’t started visiting any of the farms till now. Except for the horses in the NCC camp in front of the ladies hostel, I haven’t seen any major animals here
And now, there is a couple of things I’m looking forward to ….first of all…the ‘Seniors’. The college seems totally empty now without them. The seniors had got exams and now they have all gone home. Next, the freshers’ day. It will be conducted as soon as the seniors come back.
Hoping that after the above two, we would be allowed ‘freedom of movement’ in and out of the college *sigh* . That’s all for now…;-)

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

My life...My way....

I listen to me...and me alone. I don’t know how bad it is. Ok I admit that I’m stubborn. I don’t listen to many. I argue. I fight. Not that I don’t respect them. It’s just that it feels better when things get done [or may be not!]in my way. It’s always been like that. From relationships to my future. I make my own decisions. So many of those have been flaws. I know. But I don’t regret. I never did. May be it would have been better if I had listened to those around me. I don’t know. It’s just not going right with me. Neither does it feel right when I have to argue with my dear ones. I go out of my mind when I start arguing but later get upset, not for what I said but for what they felt about it. [sigh]
Last week went half the way happy…n half the way sad. After the long wait, I’m about to join a professional course. I’m so excited. College of veterinary and animal sciences, thrissur. 5 n a half years away, I’m gonna be a veterinarian…… i'm gonna be a doctor[ wow…sounds good! Hehe…at least to me]. I have never been this excited since…umm… may be…since my 10th boards [hihi]. To add on to the happy part, Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….I got my driving license…!!!
But my excitement faded at some faces. The faces where I expected the same excitement as mine are now turning away from me. Or am I knowingly turning away from them? I don’t know. But I’m hurt. Having to explain myself to the ones whom I thought are the only ones who know me is even more hurting. Till now I thought they had the same viewpoint as mine. They just made me realize it’s not. I just don’t know how to answer them. I have the guts to talk back and argue with anyone else who try to pick on me unnecessarily. But now that I’m going on my own… I think I better be silent.
And now, I just decided to be a veterinarian. How does it sound? Anything wrong? I mean, I don’t get it... because for “many”….it’s like…
Doctor -“wow”.
Dentist -“woow…better than MBBS…sounds a lot of money!”
Veterinarian -“uhh…u could have got BDs…Why vet??...ayurvedha is better…anywise, hehe…it’s your future... You can do whatever u want…what are going to specialize on…donkey or monkey…hehe… no offence…I was just joking”.
All I ever wanted to be was a doctor though I never actually had a perfect ambition of what I should specialize on. But it was the only field I was interested in…the only reason which made me cancel my allotment to the best engineering college in kerala [even though I loved math!] MBBS of course was my first try. I couldn’t make it. And I haven’t given up yet. But as for now, I needn’t go behind the now happening custom of going for BDS if not for MBBS. BDS of course is good. Anything is good when you are happy doing it. I think vet wouldn’t be a bad choice for me. I mean, I love pets!!!!!!!! [Though I’m not allowed to have any… my mom hates em :(]. If I have the good mind to look after humans…why not the other animals…I find them way more innocent.
Putting all this drama apart, I’m still excited. Day after tomorrow, I’m going to see my new college. New place. New faces. New coat!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Art of living…let’s move together…

Art of living…let’s move together…
Spending more than a week doing nothing got me frustrated. I had very busy mornings though…sleeping! Waking up late in the morning at the sound of my bedroom door being slammed off by my dad [not to mention, no one in my house have not yet bothered to read the sign board at my door “SLAM MY DOOR OFF ….AND YOUR BEDROOM IS MINE!!] I spend the major part of my days with my pc, my cell phone and again sleeping [sleeping without dreamz is even more frustrating]
Talking about my cell...I changed my number [too much of unwanted contacts in my old one] and my new number is presently known to only 5 of my friends [I was too lazy to send it to the rest]. Lallu n kukku…both are my only daily contact of all my friends. Me n Lallu, being ‘soul mates’ in having nothing to do at the moment was trying to figure out how to kill the time away. That’s when she came up with the idea of ‘Art of Living’. Hehe…art of living...n me? Mmm… didn’t pretty much like the idea in the beginning especially when my parents stared at me for one whole day and laughed their heads off for the next few when I asked them if I could go [hm!].
Art of living is a stress management and meditation programme founded in 1981 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar running in 151 countries.
I decided to go. Lallu too was in the course, though we went to different centers. It was just a 5day course taking two and a half hours a day from evening 6 to 8.30. A remarkable 5days……. It was absolute fun! Making 19 new friends was the best part of it. I being the youngest of all was the baby in the house [not a new thing for me as not many do treat me bigger than a 10year old]
Our first task was to make friends with each other. It was very interesting to meet new people, talking to them and greeting them by saying “let’s move together!” Each day, we start on with some stretching exercises some of which were very exciting and funny like the ‘cradling the twin’ stretch, monkey dance and superman stretch [lolz]. This was followed by pranayam, sudharshanakriya [purifying the mind and soul] and meditations. In between we had discussions on our daily home works given to us by our tutor, Mrs.Deepa. After the class [on phone], I and Lallu had a great time discussing our answers to those homework questions [lolz]…like…who are you? What are you? And where are you? Deepa ma’am was amazingly patient in hearing everyone’s answers. She was a very calm and a jovial person. Her explanations were entirely worth listening. Before leaving, we used to share some “veg” snacks with everyone and say goodbyes with the closing note “jai gurudev!
The last day of the programme was the most exciting one. It went on for a whole day with more members from different batches. More interesting stretches and games made the day all the more fabulous! We sang, danced and did all sorts of crazy things. The group lunch was the best part of it. At the end of the day, all were quite sad to say goodbye and leave our new friends. Before leaving we exchanged gifts with each other. I got a phone diary….from…someone… one knows from whom they got the gift. We played a game exchanging the gifts again and again and again and again. So whose gift went to who was somewhat unknown? We started the course by greeting “let’s move together” and we said goodbyes with “I belong to you”.
The only thing about the programme that I was not much happy with, was when they asked us to turn veg [sigh] VEG????? It was almost heartbreaking…. to resist the smell of fried fishes from my kitchen [which was unquestionably tempting]. And it turned more heartbreaking when they at the last day of the course put on a compulsary task of doing sudarshanakriya for 41 days which demanded 41 more veg days[:(].
But knowing the effect of sudarshanakriya, turning veg for 41 days [at least ;)] is no big deal. :)
Jai gurudev!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stranger danger??

Strangers are friends you have never met….I remember reading this phrase somewhere. Yeah...Its true…most of our friends were really strangers before we met them. But those strangers became our friends only because we started seeing them or talking to them more than just once. When we get to know them …when we get to like them …strangers turn into friends. That’s how it works, right?
But would anyone else make it up to your heart…just like that… they haunt you forever in your life… someone you have never met…and you are 100% positive that you have no relation with them and you are never going to see them. It might be someone you saw in a dream…Someone you met on the footpath…An anonymous call or SMS…A character of a novel you read years back…
I think yes…
P.S. thanks to Mr.X [goddamn…whoever it is] who freaked me out last Saturday for ....nothing. I had never thought I would cry and run to my mom for I was scared that someone I have never met in my life….someone I have the slightest clue of…an utter stranger….was about to suicide after telling me…of all the people in the world. Ughh…..WHY ME?????? At least…Who is he???What happened to him????

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Love is all you need....

...a previous post of mine sent as an entry[dated- Saturday, June 26, 2010] to Queenmatrai's blog - "love is all you need"...check out the blog!

..dedicated to all my friends..
......especially to my best friend, Maithili...all the best dear...luv you!!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I know where they have put my limits

I am not writing this because I just turned 18 this year. And I don’t have the slightest idea of being able to do everything on my own the way I like. But this has been going on in my mind for quite a long time. First of all, I have no idea how to start. I’m writing this because of a very close friend of mine and I don’t wanna mention her name because this post may annoy her parents, not against me but against her. And I don’t want to receive a phone call neither from her nor her parents asking me to delete this post ‘which is never gonna happen’.
I met her last year. She was my classmate for a year and we were room-mates for a couple of weeks and now she has become one of my best friends. Mostly, she’s cheerful though sometimes tearful. I like her for her sweet nature n jolly mind. Not just I, anyone who has met her and talked to her would definitely like her. She was quite famous at our institution.
My cell phone’s call log shows her name many times a day. My parents had asked me this a hundred times “why is this girl calling you this often...What are you girls up to, huh??[lol]” No wonder…anyone would have asked that. But I like getting her calls. She has so much of kidding in her. Not to mention, she has got me into trouble many times with her “kidding”.
I remember receiving a couple of calls from her lately telling me how miserable and sad she was. Being one who has never even got out of her house…on her own…ever in her life…has made it all the worse. Her parents wouldn’t let her do or decide anything on her own…anything at all. And neither was she pampered a lot as the reason may seem to be. As I mentioned earlier, she is a very jolly and fun-loving person. But she is not allowed to have so much fun as she likes. So much of restrictions on everything!
As far as I have noticed, a drop of trust is all she needs. I needn’t mention, but, she loves her parents a lot and so does they. The only thing is that they prioritize on her safety way too much. And this sometimes provokes her to cross her limits. Until now, I feel that what her parents had been doing was the best they could do as parents. But now, it’s high time that they give a lose hold on her.
She is not a girl who keeps quiet and just listens to her parents. She does react but that annoys her parents all the more. In a way she is very much different from any other girl or any other daughter [which sometimes gets her on my nerves]. She tells her parents everything...I mean, EVERYTHING...that’s going on in her mind. And apparently, that sure is the reason why they don’t trust her. As far as I am concerned, those are too much of information that she is giving her parents about her. I mean, for example, I never go and tell my parents the details of any of my conversations with my friends.
As for me, those things are completely private. They needn’t know those stuff…at least...not all. Because, parents may be the last group of people who would understand those things and take it in the same sense as us. I think, my parents know enough about me and have put enough restrictions and given enough freedom, all the…and here after. I’m happy with it…they too. And I know where they have put my limits.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mummy n me!

It’s been quite a while that I have gone through my blog. It’s not because I lost my interest in blogging. Frankly speaking I had nothing to write. After the exams, I was reeeaaalllyy enjoying my freedom…watching TV, going out with parentz and “not with friendz” [I am not allowed to until June 6], orkuting, tweeting [though I’m not a regular tweep], blogging, and of ‘course sleeping [my favorite pass time]. But as for now, I’m bored...bored of everything.
And now, cold and fever is tracking me down. I catch cold twice a month. Ohh god...when will I ever get rid of it. I wish my body was permanently disinfected from the virus. I am a regular patient for my doctor, Dr.Rajesh Kumar [Hom]. I have been seeing him from the past 6-7 years…n guess what…for the same disease...cold n fever! The moment he sees me at the door of his clinic, he keeps the medicine ready. No serious consultation is needed. He knows the process by-heart. ‘Guess it’s the same routine for all. As for me, it’s Day 1 – sour throat, Day 2 – running nose and watery eyes, Day 3 – fever, Day 4 – cold n fever come down and headache follows. And with day 5, I start coughing which persists almost until the next fever.
But, one thing that I cannot stand to when I’m sick more than the sour throat and running nose is my mother’s Reiki treatment. I should say…she is an unprofessional reiki practitioner[not an official practitioner!]. I mean she doesn’t have a detailed knowledge about it. She started doing it after she read a book on it. I personally have never felt any effect from her treatment though some of our relatives and her friends have felt better with it when they have a headache or any other type of disease. It does work for any disease. I don’t disrespect her treatment but I just hate it when she adds some “god-stuff” into it. I am not exactly an irreligious person but I do agree that there is a silent agnostic in me. I know how much she loves me and care for me but I just cannot accept her views. Not that I don’t respect my mother’s belief but I respect mine more.
My mother is a highly imaginative and hiiiiiiiiiighly superstitious person. I guess, she would have had a huge bank balance if she was not one. I do believe in a supreme power but I cannot imagine that supreme power to just 'pop-out' of an idol when we pray and do wonders. And that’s what my mom thinks. I love going to temple with her but not to any other place for any manthravadham [sorcery]. But, I cannot blame her anywise. She has reasons to pray and reasons to imagine that wonders might happen in her life…I mean our life one day. I just wish that if there really is a god existing in this universe...let he/she hear her prayers…because…I don’t want my mother to get disappointed.